Aldi Weekly Ad

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Aldi Circular offers this week,

Huntington Home Children’s Cooling Weighted Blanket $24.99
Huntington Home LED Novelty Lamp $9.99
Bestway Inflate-a-Chair $14.99
Pembrook Decorative Wall Message Board $12.99
Huntington Home 2-Piece Bedside Caddy $12.99
Huntington Home Hooded Plush Throw $8.99
Spin Master Kids’ Board Games $7.99
Kinetic Sand $8.99
Huntington Home All-in-One Nap Mat $14.99

Heart to Tail Travel Pet Bed Assortment $16.99
Heart to Tail Bolstered Crate Mat $16.99
Heart to Tail Sofa Friendly Pet Bed $19.99
Heart to Tail Pet Drying Towel $6.99
Heart to Tail Cat Scratching Playhouse $7.99
Heart to Tail Pet Brunch Shirt $4.99
Huntington Home Queen or King 7-Piece Bedding Set $39.99
Huntington Home 2-Pack Satin Pillowcases $5.99
Welby Memory Foam Any Position Pillow or Knee Cushion $9.99

Easy Home Mini Sewing Kit $4.99
Huntington Home Cushion Grip Bath Mat $4.99
Huntington Home Jumbo Angled Broom or Jumbo Microfiber Flip Mop $9.99
Huntington Home 29-Liter Flexible Tub $4.99
Skylite Rolling Duffle Bag $19.99
Huntington Home Collapsible Zip Storage Box $6.99
Medion Wireless Keyboard and Mouse Set $16.99
Welby Pulse Oximeter $29.99
Fresh Family Pack Thin-Sliced Boneless Pork Chops $2.99
NEVER ANY! Fresh Butterflied Lamb Leg $6.99